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Picayune Strand and Everglades Restoration

Naples, FL

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers


As part of the Parsons Infrastructure team, Chisholm Architects were the architects of record to provide the Architectural component for (3) Everglade’s restoration pump stations. The project involved the Design and Construction of (3) pump stations (Merritt Canal, Faka Union and Miller Canal) and spreader channels to eliminate water flow through existing canals and distribute it across the landscape. The Merrit Canal Pump Station was the first Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan construction contract to begin. This is an 810-cubic feet per second pump station, spreader canal, and tie-back levee. It plugs 13.5 miles of canals to block flow and restore the natural flow of water in the area, and removes and degrades 95 miles of roads and tram roads. The Faka Union Pump Station is a 2,650-cfs pump station, spreader canal and tie-back levee. It plugs 12 miles of canal to block flow and removes 100 miles of roads. The Miller Pump Station is a 1,250-cfs pump station, spreader canal, and tie-back levee. It plugs 13 miles of canal to block flow and removes and degrades 65 miles of roads. These will maintain current levels of flood protection while directing fresh water to drained wetlands located downstream.

RE Chisholm Architects, Inc. as the Architect of Record for the design and construction documents for the (3) pump stations, was an integral team member in coordinating the multitude of infrastructure and mechanical elements to service the Everglades Restoration Program. Work was coordinated with both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and South Florida Water Management District.


227 miles


2006/2012 - 2015

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