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Shenandoah Park Improvements

Miami, FL

Client: City of Miami


R.E. Chisholm Architects, Inc. provided planning, design, and construction administration for renovation and expansion of the Recreation Building, new basketball courts, existing tennis court modifications, parking alley reconfiguration, new childcare facility, ADA improvements at the pool house, Design and CD's for a temporary Fire Station, and resurfacing and site drainage coordination.

  • Shenandoah Park Recreation Building Improvements: Design, Construction Documents and Construction Administration of phased renovation of the expansion of the existing recreation building at Shenandoah Park.

  • Shenandoah Park Parking Area and General Park Improvements: Design, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration for improvements to existing parking area and drives, replacement of tennis court fencing, installation of parking barriers along streetscape and installation of new drainage system throughout park to repair flooding issues.

  • Shenandoah Park Child Care Facility: Design and Contract Documents for a new 6,500sf Pre-K/childcare facility.

  • Shenandoah Park Temporary Fire Station: Design, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration for the neighborhood temporary fire station.

  • Shenandoah Park Pool Improvements: Design, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration for the improvements to existing pool facility including ADA upgrades and new pool heater.




2004 - 2011

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