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Cuban Exile History Museum

Miami, FL

Client: Cuban Exile History Museum



CEHM will showcase the story of the Cuban Exiles. CEHM will chronicle the history of the exiles by means of exhibitions, artifacts, static and interactive displays, a theater, a research library, and special events pavilion. This multi-faceted facility will not only be a destination where visitors will learn about the history of the Cuban Exiles but will also be an educational research center and gathering place for cultural and special events.

CEHM will display the story of the Cuban Exiles in a diverse type of exhibitions: Permanent, Temporary, Traveling, and Seasonal. The included Research Library will house historical and reference materials as well as government documents focusing on Cuban history. The goal is to have the Research Library in creating partnerships with museums, libraries, and learning institutions throughout the world. It will also include a 300-seat theater where it can host conferences, special events and showcase lectures, dance, plays, films, and documentaries.

CEHM will partner with a legendary, local Cuban restaurant to offer Cuban food for visitors to enjoy as well as catering for special events. It will include a Special Events Pavilion where temporary and traveling exhibitions will be held, in combination with the interior courtyard. There will also be a space where receptions, corporate meetings, and fundraising events will be held.

CEHM will offer an underground Parking Structure with a capacity for 200 vehicles. Besides comfortable parking spaces and vehicular circulation, safe pedestrian circulation, and emergency vehicles parking, it will provide spaces for exhibits, food and drinks, and supplies receiving, shipping, and handling.





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